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APRIL BLOG – The Year of the Dessert

2016 will be a disappointing year for all you cake lovers.  Traditional wedding cakes have been on their way out for the past couple of years, but the 2016 dessert trends will continue to edge them out.  Enter donuts, milk shakes, s’mores and of course candy stations.

Among the leading dessert trends, is one that is not quite as new as the rest, the dessert truck.  Food trucks have been trending around the country for nearly a decade.  Beginning in early 2000, food trucks emerged as a solution to the consumer’s desire for quick and inexpensive meals.

While the low marketing and operational costs provided a solid business model, it was the customer that drove the popularity and success of food trucks to the level we know today.  Craving the unique meals prepared by truck chefs, and using social media to promote the delicious creations, caused the industry to skyrocket.

In Denver alone, there are 15 dessert trucks serving everything from the original cupcake, to waffle cakes, to donut bites.  Whether craving creatively crafted desserts for a special event or just looking to eat something sweet, Denver’s dessert market has never been so mobile.  Craving something sweet now?  Begin your search here.


DoNut TAKE my Donut

There are hundreds of other dessert options for your event beyond traveling sugar.  For example, donuts are no longer the vice of our protectors in blue, but the weakness of every guest who has ever attended an event with a gourmet donut bar. The donuts speak for themselves.