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Décor & Lighting

Creating Your Atmosphere

Bringing your vision to life is all about the details. We pride ourselves on offering the perfect, picturesque blank canvas on which you can build even your wildest event dreams. We’ve seen our spaces transformed into countless amazing things, and two of the most important factors in building that vision are lighting and decor.

Decor sets the mood and showcases your personality in a way no other part of your event planning can, while lighting helps create the exact atmosphere you’re looking for (not to mention, helps make the lives of your photographers and videographers easier!).

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Lighting, Décor & Design

Colorado Wedding Draping

C: Robin Shaver
E: [email protected]

Lighting and Design by Scott

C: Scott Hittelman
P: 720.920.9676
E: [email protected]

Elite DJ & Production

C: Yan Volodarsky
P: 303.422.3218
E: [email protected]

Rental Companies

Event Rents

C: Scott Bradshaw
P: 303.972.0975




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