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In House Inventory

In-House Inventory
(Included in the Rate)


Note: Banquet tables are 30” from the ground to table top.


Size notes: 30 ¾ “ from the base to the highest point. And 8 fit per 5’ round table.

Wine Barrels

The barrels are 37” tall and the diameter on the top (inside to inside) is 21″.

Parking Spaces

80-100 uncovered



Mountain Events Lawn


Lola’s Loft


Courtyard: There are very few outlets in the Courtyard – but can be pulled from the interior (mostly in the arched doorways where the bars are recommended to go). The existing ones are by the fountain (next to the big sliding door that goes into the ballroom). There are three outlets, 20 amps on the building (not on the ground).

Events Lawn: Four 20amp outlets are located on the left side of the Pergola under the three trees. Additional power can be pulled from interior outlets located near the piano.

Amenities by Room

Kid’s Activity Lounge

Photo Booth

Optional for an additional $500


Lola’s Loft


Bridal Suite

Groom’s Lounge and Cigar Room

Wine Room

Note: Existing tables cannot be moved from the Wine Room


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